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Our Strategy


We are a professional and innovative insurance group renowned for the skill of our underwriters. We attract specialist teams and highly experienced individuals who share their knowledge with our brokers, providing them with intelligent risk evaluation and rating.


We believe you can only really achieve sustainable growth through the commitment of both underwriter and broker working together for their mutual benefit and the benefit of their clients.

Brokers who work with us value the co-operative philosophy and the commitment that comes with it. Obviously we can't write every risk that's presented to us, but that commitment does mean we'll do our utmost to find a solution to the most challenging cases your clients bring.


We provide a standard of service and a fresh innovative approach that will be difficult to find elsewhere in the industry. Our goal is to continually exceed our broker and client expectations with a quality service second to none.


We adhere to traditional techniques and practices where they're still appropriate, however we're not afraid to discard outmoded ideas in favour of dynamic new methods more suited to the fast-moving, ever-changing economy.

We believe in using the best technology available in ways that add simplicity and value to what we do for our brokers and, ultimately, their clients.