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Risk Management

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AmTrust at Lloyd's recognises and has implemented an Enterprise Risk Management framework which is vital to core business decisions. AmTrust continuity is powered by the identification, evaluation, and utilisation of effective controls for handling of risks which have arisen out of the business plan in accordance with defined Risk Appetites and Risk Bearing Capacity.  All of which is clearly outlined by the Risk Management Department in its Risk Management Policy.

The risk management process is embedded within the business with regular performance of the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), as required for Solvency II.  ORSA integrates the business strategy with the key processes of risk and capital management in building an assessment of the current and future solvency capital requirements and therefore provides assurance that the business is and will remain well capitalised.

AmTrust at Lloyd's Strives to:

  • Align risk management with the Business objectives and set out key principles to guide actions and decision making.
  • Evaluate each of the six risks categories (i.e. insurance, operational, credit, group, liquidity and legal risk) and control the nature of each.
  • Clearly articulate the risk bearing capacity and appetite for risk through risk limits, thresholds, indicators and / or qualitative statements.
  • Develop risk management strategies, principles, risk management framework, distinct policies, the risk governance framework and ownership of key risks and controls.
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Identify and assess emerging risks.
  • Reinforce the risk management culture throughout the organisation, from senior management down, and support explicit ownership of risks with a clear allocation of responsibility for day to day management.
  • Provide appropriate training and development, for all staff, surrounding all aspects of the firms approach to risk management (i.e. policies, terminology and tools).

For more information about the Risk Management department within AmTrust at Lloyd's, please email;